SnapperTackle 160g Slow Pitch Jig

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SnapperTackle ULTRA Luminous 160g Slow Pitch Jig

This Slow Pitch Jig is ideal for catching a wide range of popular NZ species! We’ve had great success catching Snapper, Kingfish and Blue Cod on these Slow Pitch Jigs! Two fish on a single jig isn’t uncommon!

The brightness of the luminous paint on these jigs is outstanding! We’ve compared them with many other popular NZ brands of jigs and not one was brighter nor glowed for as long!

Two holographic eyes, one on either side of the jig!

The incredible honeycomb/lattice style paint design on the blue and orange jigs looks fantastic and when combined with the luminous base coat it creates a unique luminous effect!

Reversible, you can tie your trace to either end to get an action suitable for the conditions you’re fishing! Heavy end down in high current or deepwater = less fluttering action. Heavy end up for shallower water = more fluttering action.

Four eye popping colours to choose from! (Pink, Blue/White, Orange, Blue/Green)

Proven colours, proven design, you will not be disappointed!

  • 160g, ideal for most coastal fishing situations.
  • Change the action and sink rate by tying onto the light or heavy end, two jigs in one!
  • Four popular and proven colours to choose from!
  • Ultra luminous, triggers the predatory instincts of fish!
  • Two holographic eyes.
  • Designed in NZ exclusively for our fish.
  • Unique fluttering action simulates a wounded baitfish.

Heavy duty construction, internal through wire for strength and rigidity to prevent the jig from bending and paint cracking.

Highly effective on Blue Cod, big Snapper and Kingfish. Check out the photos on our social media to see the results!

Designed in New Zealand specifically for our fishing conditions by the team here at SnapperTackle.

Check out our Tips and Tricks page to boost your fishing prowess!

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Orange, Pink, White/Blue, Blue, Orange with rigging kit, Pink with rigging kit, White/Blue with rigging kit, Blue with rigging kit


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